Road Rage True Bypass Effects Loop

October 6, 2010

Calendar? Overloaded. Barely enough time to sleep. I guess September is really the start of the new year for Canadians. After the relative calm of summer, everything starts with a vengeance in the fall.

What better time, then, to overhaul the pedal board, you ask? Exactly. Right now. Just as things have become really crazy. Tone trumps all other considerations. And, in the unending quest for tone, I decided that I absolutely had to redo the pedal board with a true bypass effects loop. Or TBEL for those really hip guitar players.

Mine arrived yesterday, although I will not be able to work on the board until later this week-end. This unit offers 7 loops for the effects pedals, one muted tuner connection, main in and out on the sides and a built-in buffer. That’s it.

Why? Well, there is a certain degree of tone loss that occurs when the signal is getting routed through a bunch of effects. A true bypass effects loop reduces that loss of tone and simplifies the access to pedals. The pedals are always active and the loop is used to activate the pedal(s) as needed. The buffer converts the high impedance guitar signal, which is prone to line loss at a very fast rate, to a low impedance signal with little to no line loss.

Here is a picture of my new pedal. I bought it from the great team at Road Rage here. The pedal is a work of art really. Beautifully constructed.

Number 9 of 50 shot at 50mm.

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