Xplornet Sucks

January 18, 2010

Too many users. Not enough capacity.

Over Christmas, my “high-speed” Internet service, provided by Xplornet, became remarkably slow. Even slower than the ridiculous traffic management policy finally revealed on the Xplornet site.

Download speeds were hitting point 2 to point 4 megabits. Translation? S-L-O-W.

The service prior to Christmas was acceptable. Certainly not consistent with the marketing pitch but good enough for casual browsing. I would get upwards of 5 megabits down although the traffic management would cut in and reduce the speed to 20 percent of the 5 megabit rate after 6 to 8 megabytes of data. So, even though I spend 65 dollars a month for a 5 megabit service, I am only getting a fraction of that service for typical Internet usage.

And now, I am getting a fraction of that fraction.

After measuring the service over the past 24 hours, and after spending a couple of hours with multiple levels of support, I was able to confirm the obvious: an oversubscribed tower.

The third level support conceded that there was a “traffic problem” with the tower and that a request for an upgrade had been received. However, there was no ETA for the upgrade. 3 months? 6 months? A year?

No idea.

I told the support person that it seemed odd that I should be paying 65 dollars a month, or almost 800 dollars a year, for a service level that was not being delivered at the rated speed.

He tried to tell me that the service was achieving at least the 1 megabit down during peak time. Which apparently is acceptable in their usage policy. What a joke. Sure, the first 2 or 3 megabytes of data now come in at the new “high speed” of 1 megabit, or 20 percent of the 5 megabit service. And the remainder comes in at about .2 megabits, or 20 percent of the 20 percent. Which pretty much makes the Internet unusable in our household of geeks. Which means that I am being charged for a service that I am not receiving.

Avoid Xplornet if you possibly can. The service is an absolute rip-off.

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